Final Inspections being carried out to these piles 

Workers fly out to the North Sea rigs and platforms by Helicoptor

Riggers coiling down wires used from a heavy lift  

Inspections and maintenance being carried out on the luffing wires on the main  

Offshore rigger connecting up a 150T Imenco ROV Shackle which is a semi-automatic shackle with an easy to use positive,double locking system which ensures safe lifting operations.Due to its smart design and the high quality  the Imenco ROV shackle is established as the industry standard for ROV shackles globally 

Diver has final checks gone over with Dive superintendent.Hot water is on and the bridge gives a green light to dive  
Vessel in dry dock, having  main seals changed out on port azimuth   
ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) being recovered to deck 
after a underwater inspection survey of an oil platforms legs 

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